Inaugural naked drawing session, January 2015, photo by Alex P.


Men's Naked Drawing Group NY was founded by artist Shungaboy in December, 2014 and the first session was held at Prince St Project Space in New York City on January 13, 2015. Initially, the group met once a month, with a dozen or so artists attending each session. As the membership grew, more sessions and venues were added.

It all started in 2012 when Shungaboy and Boulder, Colorado artist Tyler Alpern posed for each other. It was the first time that Shungaboy had ever posed and it was an empowering experience. A first naked yoga class later, he decided to seek out as many naked activities as possible. These included an artists-draw-artists group that met sporadically at the home of historian and artist Jonathan Ned Katz as well as the Naked Drawing Group DC, which he commuted to about twice a month in 2013. During a weekly session of the Leslie-Lohman Drawing Studio erotic drawing workshop (now the Charles Leslie Drawing Studio), where clothed artists draw a nude male model, it occurred to him that it would be much better if he himself could be naked too. He talked with a few artist friends who he thought might be interested, talked with Charles Leslie for his approval to rent Prince St Project Space, set up a group on and the group was born. 



A sketch group for naturist/nudist male artists where artists take turns posing for each other. When both the model and the artist are similarly naked, they are on equal footing, encouraging an openness and camaraderie not found in traditional drawing groups.

We welcome beginner artists and beginner nudists. We’re friendly and non-judgmental (of both drawing skills and bodies)! Sexy camaraderie and sexy poses are encouraged at all MNDG sessions, but they’re not sex parties. All MNDG sessions welcome respectful men (transgender men are very welcome) of all ages (18+ to 90+), ethnicities, sexual orientations and body types. 

We meet 8 to 10 times per month at various locations. We meet 2 Tuesdays per month in a studio in Soho (pictured). We also meet in private homes and private studios on weekends and other days of the week. Sessions in the larger venues are open to non-members (advance payment required via Eventbrite, see Calendar). Sessions in the smaller private homes fill up quickly so are only open to members of the Meetup group. Join us! 

INFO & JOIN the group on Meetup (free to join):


如何令畫家與模特兒「處於平等地位」?這個人體繪畫活動,可能是答案。 詳情:

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