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This Males au Naturel (MAN) quarterly orientation nude social is FREE. Small donations are welcome. Just show up! Registration is not necessary.

Are you shy about your body?

Do you want to come to a Males Au Naturel event, but are afraid to be naked with other men?

This special orientation program is for you! (Experienced M.A.N. members, please come with your advice and suggestions!)

- Find out what you have in common with the 313 men who responded to Shungaboy’s body-acceptance survey.

- We’ll have an open discussion about body issues. Share your thoughts or just listen!

Take this short quiz and find out your nudist level. The results will be presented at the MAN orientation on June 13. Your written answers will be added to Shungaboy’s research. You’ll also receive a PDF report on Shungaboy’s survey results by email absolutely free. USE THIS LINK:

Shungaboy is an artist, a nudist, and the founder of Men's Naked Drawing Group ( He has been helping men overcome their body issues through naked figure drawing sessions, discussion groups and one-on-one coaching since 2014. He welcomes all men in a kind, supportive, and non-judgmental way. Contact Shungaboy:

Males au Naturel ("MAN") is a men's social naturist* group based in New York City with around 125 members. At MAN, you can hang out nude in a non-sexual atmosphere.

Dress code: This is a great starter for first timers, or any guys curious about nude male social activities. Take it all off with us, or if you're not quite ready for that, keep your underwear on. It's up to you.

MAN's orientation sessions are strictly non-sexual. Naked hugs or incidental genital contact are allowed, but please be sensitive to the feelings of the person you want to touch.

Q: What if I get aroused?
A: That's not a problem as long as you don't do something to make it happen. If you stay engaged in conversation, it won't happen so much.

Q: What kind of men belong to MAN?
A: Our members include all body types, ethnic backgrounds, and income levels. Most consider themselves gay or bi, but friendly straight and bi-curious men are welcome. We're a mix of ages, and we welcome all men 21 and over.

* The words "naturist" and "nudist" are similar, but "naturist" is usually preferred by those who feel being naked is the natural way to be.