Men’s Naked Drawing Group Exhibition 2019


DOCUMENTS: Meeting Agendas & Reports, etc.

Sept 5-8, 2019
Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art Project Space
127 Prince St (basement), New York, NY 10013

upcoming meeting schedule:

April 27 (SAT), 1PM EST full Exhibition Committee via Zoom
May 18 (SAT), 1PM EST full Exhibition Committee via Zoom
May TBD, Judging Committee
June 15 (SAT), 1PM EST full Exhibition Committee via Zoom
July 20 (SAT), 1PM EST full Exhibition Committee via Zoom
August 10 (SAT), 1PM EST full Exhibition Committee via Zoom
August TBD, Judging Committee


Options prepared by JohnR for the committee’s consideration:


This event is complex and will require a lot of help in different areas. We encourage each member to volunteer to help with the planning and operations of the exhibition. We have identified the following committees that need help and would appreciate if you have expertise or just are willing to put in some time to volunteer to join one of the committees.

  • Exhibition Committee: (ALL) This committee has been meeting to plan the event and will continue to hold monthly meetings, open to all interested members, as the year progresses.

    • Nudity policy, photography policy

  • Volunteer Committee: (Current Members: )

    • Coordinate the needs of the other committees and the tasks that need to be done when the volunteer is available.

    • Recruit, assign and manage volunteers.

    • Staff the show all days, all hours

  • Database Management/Technology Committee: (Current Members: TomK, CZ, Daniel, Jack)

    • Manage the submissions and produce labels using ArtCall software.

    • AV: music, video displays, iPads (sign up for newsletter), etc.

    • Online exhibition (shopping cart vs. auction vs. display only). Work with Marketing Committee.

  • Finance Committee: (Current Members: Shungaboy, CZ)

    • Ticket sales, pay for supplies and vendors, insurance

    • Process customer purchases (cash, credit), collect/remit sales tax

    • Fundraising events and new Premium Membership drive to cover costs of exhibition.

  • Merchandise Committee: (JohnR, Shungaboy)

    • Design and produce products to sell (t-shirts, postcards, greeting cards, calendar, etc.)

  • Judging Committee: (current members: Chuck, Ray, Richard)

    • Review applications and select work to be accepted for the show.

    • Printed and online artist bios

    • Manage the submissions and decide how the work will be arranged and which works will be in the exhibition.

    • Receive artwork and ship/return unsold artwork

  • Design Committee: (current members: JohnR)

    • Design and decorate the venue (stairway, hallway, gallery)

    • Design and print signage (railing banners, signage in hallway, exhibition main wall graphics, signage above artwork if any, postcard if any), design 22x17 poster design (printed by the museum)

    • Print photos for display, select/edit videos for display

    • Lighting, video displays, etc. Work with Data/Tech Committee.

  • Hanging Committee: (Current members: Chuck, Richard, Ray, Rick, JohnR)

    • Physical work of hanging the artwork at the gallery prior to the show opening and maintain the artwork throughout the exhibition.

    • Take down exhibit, clean up.

  • Parties / Events Committee: (current members: Bob, Shungaboy)

    • Food and drink and other logistics for all events.

    • Door control, ticket collection (private opening), clothes-check (private opening, special events)

    • Mini-drawing session?

    • Bartender, photographer, music, raffle?

  • Marketing and Social Media Committee: (current members: Daniel, Shungaboy) Media liaison work (press releases) and maintain social media (MNDG Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) messaging prior to and throughout the event.

    • Prepare marketing and media strategy and schedule.

    • Write press release.

    • Push MND members to share and like. Live and pre-recorded video content.

    • Coordinate with LL Museum’s Facebook event page.

Please contact us at the link below to offer your assistance in joining any of the above committees and helping to put this exhibition together!

Contact Us


MNDG Application to Exhibit at LLMPS

February 23 2019 Kickoff Meeting

March 23, 2019 Committee Meeting