Sing Tao Daily Article about Men’s Naked Drawing, Apr3,2017 (translation)

Sing Tao Daily reporter Mantai Chow visited Men’s Naked Drawing Group’s April 1, 2017 session. Sing Tao Daily, “the longest-standing newspaper in Hong Kong since 1938, is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most widely-read Chinese dailies.” Below is a google machine translation of the Chinese-language article published on April 3, 2017. See the original here:紐約/58547-曼哈頓藝術工作室+畫家模特兒袒裎相見/

Manhattan Art Studio Painter Model Barely Meet

Photo caption: In addition to the model is naked, the painters have to be naked.

Manhattan this little art studio, a Saturday afternoon to come to more than 10 people, they are a participant in the body painting group. But this activity is not the same as the ordinary human painting class, because all the participants, whether the model or the painter must be naked.

“The traditional body painting, only the salaried model is naked, but we here, the painters have to nude.” Shungaboy held this event is also a naked to accept the reporter’s visit. He said the painter was wearing a protective cover, which was their sense of security, but when everyone was naked, the painter and the model were “equal”.

No trace of mutual management model
The first group of participants in the painting group, the first thing after the entrance, is to change the room “turned”, and then “true face” see people. Participants are all men, it seems that when the naked is normal, but one thing, we have talked about laugh, the atmosphere is not a little embarrassing, and the reporter became the only person wearing a dress.
In addition to the activities during the naked, another with ordinary human body painting activities is different, that is, the identity of the participants is not just the painter, they will take turns to take the model, as everyone painting the object, every ten minutes to turn the people. Shungaboy said that many people in today’s society may be very concerned about their own body, that they are too heavy, body type is not enough standard. “Nobody thinks he can be a model,” he said, “but here we can be a model, as long as you are willing.”
41-year-old African-American LaMond is the first time to participate in such human painting activities, the same day became one of the models, against the other participants, naked on the stage posing. He said he was very shy in the past, but also on their own body feel no sense of security, but when he reached the age of 35, they decided to overcome this psychological barrier, fight to do back to their own. He began to be interested in nudism. “It’s a breakthrough for me.”

Participants are mostly gay men
To participate in the activities of people, tall and thin, what type of body type, Shungaboy said, “regardless of people” is the core value of this group. “Your weight is not important, it is not important whether the body is marked, nor even the size of the sex organs is not important.We believe that your true body type is more sexy than the almost perfect body.We will accept the original you.”
Shungaboy also said that most of the participants were male comrades, many people also face the problem of personal growth and sexual orientation, but he pointed out that the painting class will not discuss sexual orientation, nor is it to homosexuals for positioning, People will welcome.
Members of the group from different ages, there are young people who have white, the day to participate in activities of more than 10 people, then the middle-aged for more. “We welcome people from 18 to 80 years of age.” Shungaboy believes that society is full of discrimination against age, so he also hopes to compete with this atmosphere through the event.

Welcome young people to attend
Although the participants are unselfishly naked, but does not mean that the painting class without any boundaries. In the briefing, it is important to emphasize that the activity is not a “sex party” and therefore does not allow members to have sex when the activity takes place. Shungboy said that members when the model, you can put sex seductive posture, but should communicate with the opponent in advance, at any time can not say no. “I know that some groups of activities will become sex parties, for some people may be a good thing, but I believe that most people do not want to become so, so I will not allow sexual activity during the event, I hope participants are Will focus on the painting. “He also believes that some naked doctrine of social party, may easily make the participants feel embarrassed, but if we are focused on the creative arts, there will be no such problem. “This line is not easy to draw, but this painting class can continue for a long time, I will focus on the art back.”
Shungaboy set up a nude painting group online in December 2014 and was the first to be held in January 2015. It was held once a month and has now been increased to two to three times a week. The number of members from the beginning of the 10 people, and now there are more than 600 people. “I can be proud to say that four of them have personally participated in our activities.” These gatherings are $ 15 to $ 20 each, perhaps to attract young people, 18 to 29-year-old painter admission fee is only 5 To $ 10.
The current event only allows men to attend, but Shungaboy said that in May this year he would host a similar event in men and women in Los Angeles, and he hoped to hold a nude painting group that would welcome any gender participation.

Newspaper reporter Zhou Wentai reported in New York

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