Men’s Naked Drawing Group Exhibition 2019


For the first time in our 4+ years of existence, we will exhibit our artwork and our friendly, naked activity to the world! The exhibit will feature the artwork from all our chapters and include the full range of what our members create (doodles, stick figures, exquisitely detailed drawings, etc.). The exhibit will also include photographs taken at the sessions, as well as documentary videos of our group. The venue is the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art Project Space in New York City’s SoHo district. Every member of the group is guaranteed a place for a single work in the show. Additional works may be accepted as space allows based on the work of a curating committee who will look at all of the submitted works between May 1 and July 1, 2019.

Sept 5-8, 2019
Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art Project Space
127 Prince St (basement), New York, NY 10013


Thursday, September 5: ticketed private reception (tentative) ($)
Friday, September 6: public opening
Saturday, September 7:: gallery hours, potential private event after hours
Sunday, September 8: gallery hours, potential educational / media event after hours
Additional events to be announced.

Details coming soon. This is what we know so far: Each member of the group as of May 1, 2019 from any of the geographic areas served will have the opportunity to submit one work to the exhibition. The work must have been substantially created within a group session. Additional works may be submitted (up to 10) for consideration by the curation committee for inclusion in the exhibition. All works should have the following information at the time of image submission: Artist’s name, Title of the work, Date of creation, Location of creation, All media used (e.g. “Charcoal on Paper”), Size of the work in inches, Artist-set price for the work or an indication that the work is not for sale.

There will be a small non-refundable fee for all entries beyond the first work submitted.

Additional guidelines are being developed and will be posted here in the future.


Between now and May 1, each artist from the group who wants to be a part of the show should decide on the works to submit and photograph them.

There will be an online portal for submitting the files, to be announced.

Wednesday May 1, 2019: Submission Deadline for JPG images of artwork that you want to put into the show

Monday, July 1, 2019: Email Announcement of accepted entries from the Curation Committee out to all persons who submitted work

During Month of July: The actual piece for each accepted entry to be Mailed in for the show, address TBD

Thursday, August 1, 2019: All artwork for the show must be received by this date in New York, address TBD


This event is complex and will require a lot of help in different areas. We encourage each member to volunteer to help with the planning and operations of the exhibition. We have identified the following committees that need help and would appreciate if you have expertise or just are willing to put in some time to volunteer to join one of the committees.

  • Exhibition Commitee: This committee has been meeting to plan the event and will continue to hold monthly meetings, open to all interested members, as the year progresses.

  • Volunteer Committee: This committee will take charge of assigning and managing volunteers. The purpose is to have some leadership to best coordinate the needs of the other committees and the tasks that need to be done when the volunteer is available. (Current Members:

  • Database management / Gallery Software management: to help manage the submissions and produce labels we will be using a gallery management system. If anyone has experience in this area or is a tech engineer and would like to help, please contact us to join this committee. (Current Members: TomK, CZ, Daniel, Jack, Ll)

  • Curation: to help manage the submissions and decide how the work will be arranged and which works will be in the exhibition for works beyond each member’s single work submission. (current members: Chuck, Ray, Richard)

  • Hanging: to do the physical work of hanging the artwork at the gallery prior to the show opening and to maintain the artwork throughout the exhibition. (Current members: Chuck, Richard, Ray, Rick, JohnR)

  • Parties / Events: We will have a private opening on Thursday, September 5 and a public opening on Friday September 6 and possibly a couple of more events through the weekend. This committee will be in charge of food and drink and other logistics for these events. (current members: Bob)

  • Marketing and Social Media: This committee is in charge of media liaison work and maintaining social media messaging prior to and throughout the event. (current members: Daniel)

    Please contact us at the link below to offer your assistance in joining any of the above committees and helping to put this exhibition together!

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